Vaikom Sree Mahadeva Temple

Kalackal Nandi

Kalakkal Temple is related to Vaikom Temple. Kalakkal Valiyachan is considered as the first servant the Nandi of Sri Parameswara. The local people call His Prathishta as Kalakkal Valiyachan (Nandi). Even from ancient times the ownership rests with an Ezhava family named Kalakkal. The festival is observed on the 10th day of Medam month in Malayalam.

After the Athazha Pooja and Sreebeli, the Vaikom Temple closes; from then to the ritualistic awakening of the Lord (Palli Unarthal) next morning, the protection of the temple rests with the Kalakkal Kavudayon or Kalakkal Valiyachan. Once a Vidwan named Pachu Moosad was fasting in the Temple. He was a miraculous Satwa was doing Pradikshana on the boundary walls holding Sreekovil Shigara Kalasa by one hand and that was Kalakkal Valiyachan, the Nandi. When Vaikkathappan’s procession goes outside the Temple an open sword is carried which is brought from the Kalakkal Temple. This custom shows the special relation of the two Temples. Vaikom Devaswom gives a certain amount to Kalakkal Temple.