Vaikom Sree Mahadeva Temple

Vaikom Sree Mahadeva Temple

Poojas - Ananda Prasada


Ananda Prasada

After the Prathal there is a custom to give Ananda Prasada to the devotees. The Melsanthy brings some Bhasma on a plate and gives it to the people after Prathal. It is called the Ananda Prasada.

Once while cooking the items for the Prathal a poisonous snake fell in the cooking vessel and died. Because of the poison those who ate the Prathal fell unconscious. It is said that then a Brahmin smeared in Bhasma instructed them to take the dry Bhasma from inside the Sreekovil and give it to the unconscious people, assuring them that the poison will be removed, He disappeared. When the people were given the dry Bhasma all the people got cured and rose as if awaken from sleep. It was believed that the Brahmin was really Vaikkathappan. As the Brahmin Bhojan is rare nowadays the Ananda Prasada is also rare.